Saturday, August 9, 2008

Actually officially trying now

So I wrote this whole post on my blackberry the other day. I was in class and not at all interested in the lecture - I'm over halfway through my graduate degree and I've found I get As whether I try - or not. So, when I think the professor is a pompous wanker or the topic just doesn't grab me, I thank the Powers That Be (PTB) for unlimited Internet access on my blackberry smart phone provided by my employer.

Sometimes I wonder if on a per K basis, the blackberry gets more work or personal use? Sometimes I think to myself, crikey, you're a geek. At any rate, I wrote it all on the little weenie keyboard and hit submit and something went kerflooey and nothing got posted.

Effective the end of my last period, we are now officially trying to get pregnant, and I'm suddenly noticing on just about every bottle of pills it says something about how I shouldn't be taking them. Except my multivitamin of course. I have a stomach problem for which I take a pill twice a day and it actually says that I should stop taking them if I even think I might be pregnant. Who knows? An egg should be coming down the chute any day now - middle of next week according to the good folks at and their ovulation calculator.

I'm obsessed though. I actually have several shopping carts full of maternity clothes and books at different sites. I get to the checkout and pause. And then I remember I think it's bad luck to do things like buy maternity clothes before you're pregnant. Not sure why. I guess I'll have enough time to buy clothes and whatnot later on.

Anyway, I haven't even bought my copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting which I really want to read. I like being prepared but then apparently I'm superstitious. So, off to write a final exam and then maybe a walk in the nice weather. Happy Saturday y'all.