Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not pregnant yet. I think.

I'm glowing. At least, it seems like it. I work in a fairly cautious, politically correct office, where we are generally screening our words before we say something. And three, count them, three guys in my office have been stammering over how nice I look, not that I didn't look nice last week, of course I looked nice last week, but wow, you look great!

I've been off the pill for almost two months but we're not technically 'trying' yet. Condoms and whatnot are the order of the day until next month on order of my OB/GYN. Yeesh. I can't believe I just said that!

So, the background: I never really planned on having babies but my husband is dead set on at least one. Our compromise is one.

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Ryan said...

I know how that works - Anthony and I are in the same boat, except for that whole marriage thing. He wants at least one (or his life will be incomplete) and I could spend my whole life easily without the little rugrats running around. I mean really, aren't THREE animals enough??? :)