Friday, April 24, 2009

Being a Girl Geek

I have addressed this briefly in other posts, but I feel compelled to note that I am really enjoying being a woman working in IT - especially right now, during pregnancy. Why you might ask? Good question.

Because we geeks have a whole floor in my office to ourselves, thus we have one women's bathroom and one men's bathroom. Since we are geeks and mostly fellas, I frequently have the women's bathroom all to myself. That, my dear gentle reader, is gold. We have also spoken of my intestinal distress during pregnancy, which I have learned to manage (another post to come on that topic I guess, could be useful), but I nonetheless need to be in there more than a normal non-pregnant person. 

There might be a downside to being a women working in IT - well, I know there are, but it's largely treated me well.  Maybe I should be annoyed about being treated like a bit of a novelty (not so much in my current job but definitely in previous places of work), but I like not being totally normal.


Anonymous said...

I'm an engineer / programmer, and I love having the bathroom to myself! Towards the end of my last pregnancy they hired some more women on a different team, and they've been using 'my' bathroom. So sad (for me).

I've found that being one of few women working with mostly younger men has been very positive. Although I do occasionally need to hang out with some women friends in my off time, to get in some girl time.

CaroLyn said...

Good point, Amber, about needing time with other women in your off time. I sometimes forget that, but it's regenerative in a way that's hard to express.

I'm sorry about the loss of your private bathroom! Mine's not fully private, but it's a lot less busy than the men's. It's probably the only type of public bathroom where you can count on that.