Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oprah, let's see Shape of a Mother on your show

If you haven't seen the photos or better yet, subscribed to the RSS feed on The Shape of a Mother website, do go check it out now. It's good because it's beautiful, it's real, it's expectation setting (in that women look very different - it's a very snowflake  uniqueness sort of thing), and I think it's especially good to look at if you're pregnant, as it's kind of reassuring that the changes you're going through are normal.

Some folks are lobbying Oprah to profile the site on her show and I'm joining in. I've tweeted about it, I've joined the Facebook group and now I'm blogging about it. Go do me a favor and tell Oprah you think she should have The Shape of a Mother on her show, too, OK?

In other news, I'm well and while I have graduated, I'm  not actually quite finished until COB tomorrow. Work has been a tad nutty and some dear friends threw a baby shower for me last weekend... right after graduation. I was completely knackered. So I'm playing catchup, and then I'll be back to proper blogging... Our little futbolista is kicking away.


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Ryan said...

It's a little late, but congratulations to my fellow graduate! We're both so edu-ma-cated!

Melodie said...

Hey CT! I can't remember what discipline you graduated in. Can you email me back and let me know. Hubby @FullySustainabl and I were chatting about you and I blanked on both Bachelors and masters.