Sunday, July 26, 2009

The due date comes... and goes?

So, yes, today is July 26th and it is the baby's due date. Except she's barely dropped (see top photo) and I'm barely having contractions. So I guess 40 weeks has come and may go with no baby. I've always felt that this due date was early, and I guess I'm right.

I've got loads of things to say but little motivation right now to write them down. I've been feeling very insular and withdrawn - not in a depressed sort of way but just in a can't be bothered with people if they're not family sort of way. I'm actually in a pretty bright and positive mood.

A couple of great gifts have come my way recently: a coworker gave me a really cute bib that says Eagle In Training on it - our employer's mascot is an eagle. My staff got together and bought me a glider chair for which I had registered. I am modeling both in the below picture.

Thank you everyone!

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