Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

True story: I went into the bedroom this evening to get some lip balm before sitting down to listen to my Hypnobabies recording, and thought I should take my calcium tablet now. Both lip balm and calcium tablets are on the same bureau in the bedroom.

I applied the lip balm, put it down, and tried to remember what the other thing was that I was going to do. Couldn't. Walked back into the living room to find my iPod, then remembered the calcium.

Pregnancy brain: it's real. I don't know what I'd do without my BlackBerry. Any good pregnancy brain stories out there?

PS: taking calcium at night as a recent blood test showed me to be a tad anemic, and I read somewhere that taking calcium and iron at the same time is bad, as they bond together and your body can't absorb them. And that magnesium, which is included in my calcium tablet, is good to take before bed to help you sleep. And I can use all the help I can get sleeping right now. Between needing to go to the loo every hour or two, and the sweaty-ness, and not being able to get into a comfortable position, I'm not sure if I'm sleeping or waking more.


Samar E. said...

Carolyn, it'll all be over soon and you will forget all the pains once you look into your little one's eyes. Be patient and it'll all be great.

Ryan said...

I don't like this. You have a perfectly good reason for forgetting what you are doing in the midst of doing it, and I still have nothing. I just forget... Wow, imagine all the things I will forget if I ever have pregnancy brain!!!

CaroLyn said...

Samar - I know, no complaints here. I'm still mostly enjoying being pregnant, and can't wait to meet her, at the same time. What fun!

Ryan - LOL! Too funny. Indeed. I'm normally somewhat forgetful, but yeah, this is out of control. I have to write everything down, or put it in the blackberry, or it's kaputsky.

Melodie said...

Passionflower is a gentle sedative and can be used for anxiety too. There are many other herbal options but I have Mommy Brain so I can't remember them! Best bet is to head over to www.susunweed.com and click on her Wise Woman forum. Then hop over to the Childbearing Year threads and either look up what you need or start a new topic. Within 24 hours you are guaranteed an answer. I was absolutely addicted to that site when I was pregnant. It's awesome!