Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Emily is here!

Just a quick note from my rocking chair to announce that Emily Alexandra was born last week. It was a long and difficult labor, and I ended up choosing several interventions that I hadn't wanted originally. However, I did avoid an unnecessary cesarean and I'm very glad for that.

My midwives rock. They totally fought (hospital staff) for me to not get cut open, and helped me deliver a 9 lb 4 oz baby vaginally with a one stitch tear!

We've posted a few photos on Flickr. If you have an account and aren't already a "friend/family" of mine on Flickr, let me know your username so I can add you. I've marked a few as for friend/family only for privacy.

We are at home now, taking it easy and getting into the swing of breastfeeding. It's going pretty well so far - two minor issues: she releases her latch quickly and then starts sucking her lower lip. She hasn't developed a blister yet but I'm worried she might. She's also very sleepy - she'll latch on, take a few sucks and conk out. I'm less worried about that, as it seems like when she is very hungry, she stays awake better.

When my awesome doula, who totally kept me sane during forty-eight hours of labor, sends me the birth story, I will probably edit it a bit for the TMI parts and post it here.

I am so happy. She is beautiful and healthy. More latah!

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Ryan said...

Yay for healthy babies! I'm going to go figure out my Flikr account now so I can send you my username...