Friday, February 13, 2009


The web log, or 'blog format was initially supposed to be a bunch of links and discussion about the links. I'm sort of tired and cranky and thinking that going to bed early on a Friday night sounds delicious.. so I'll post a couple links:

Article about the Orgasmic Birth movie: I haven't seen the movie yet but it's definitely on my list now. That's what I'm talking about. I'm not assuming I'll have an orgasmic birth, but the attitude that it can be beautiful, empowering and doesn't have to be outrageously painful, that's the attitude I'm cultivating. And no watching the bloody TLC Baby show either.

Geek Inside t-shirt: Thank you whomever thought this would be a good idea. Thank you. The only way you could improve on this, as Staci pointed out, is that if it said Geek Salsa Dancer Inside, but that would be a bit much to ask unless it were custom made.

That's it. My belly, I keep looking at it, going are you for real? And really, it's tiny compared to where it's going to be.

Two weeks from today, we're going in for another ultrasound - the tech should be able to say if it's probably a boy or a girl. If it's a girl, I'm going to have to get more serious about names.

And I'm sorry, not sure why I can't get the font of this post to look right. Something funny happened on the way to the Title line with the ALT TAB combo I use, one of many to avoid using the pointing device. Did someone say geek? This is a tired geek who is taking her kickypants to bed. After a good flossing at any rate.


Shannon said...

Yeah, i dunno about orgasmic, but I *was* smiling between contractions, right to the end. No shit. Just ask the midwives. There's a picture of me grinning, too-- (Not safe for work--I birthed in the buff. Clothing would have felt fucking awful. Do they let you birth nude in a birth centre?)

BB said...

I didn't ask about clothing but I get the feeling that would be ok. I can't imagine that they'd make me wear clothes giving birth in the tub. Though one never knows... :) I'll have to ask next time!