Sunday, February 1, 2009

A post without a theme or possibly even a point

So it's Sunday again - where did the week go? There was a bit of weather issues Tuesday and Wednesday which made things exciting. Everyone was telling me how I had to be really careful not to slip and fall on the ice.

I guess I had a clue about this, what with all the talk about how right now, skiing and horseback riding is not allowed, but I was surprised at how many people were worried about me every time I stepped outside. At any rate, I managed to inch along like a granny on the ice and not bail out, much to everyone's relief.

Speaking of things that surprised me, I am a teeny bit surprised at how many of the people to whom I initially emailed when I set up this blog apparently either didn't read my message or didn't pay any attention to the URL. Really. There have been at least five or six people who expressed surprise at hearing the news in the last few days... but I emailed them to tell them a few weks ago! Well, what can you do.

Friday, I took a class field trip to Boston and it was great. I was crazy tired when I got home, as my flight left at 6:30 am and the return landed at 9:30 pm... I took a later than necessary flight home so I could visit with a good friend from the old days.

Saturday I had a makeup class for one which was cancelled for inauguration. Afterwards, I was doing laundry - my usual exciting Saturday morning activity. It's kind of a time consuming thing, because I live in an apartment where we share a laundry room in the basement, rather than with everyone having their own machines in their suite. I can't wait to be living in a house again...

At any rate, my work clothes and my big baggy jeans were all being washed, and hung up to dry... and I couldn't fit into the trousers I usually wear to do laundry (need pockets for my laundry card, keys and mobile phone which I use as a timer to remind me to go and move things around). I had nothing with pockets that fit! Well, I did, but I wasn't expecting to actually be wearing my maternity jeans yet. But I put them on, and while I don't yet have a belly to fill them out (and hold them up), they were bloody comfortable. It'd be nice if they had suspenders or belt loops, but I'll figure something out, as this problem won't be going away for awhile.

I'm watching the Super Bowl as I type this - the Boss - sweet! mostly because I usually watch trashy TV on Sunday nights when I do my nails, though it's usually a home makeover show and then a night time soap... This is a bit less girly but the advertisements are fun. I wish I knew where I was suposed to have acquired the 3D glasses though...

My mom had always told me that she hadn't breastfed my little sister and I because her milk made us sick. I always thought that sounded fishy, and even more so now that I'm reading more about it. It sounds like breastfeeding certainly isn't easy and there's loads of problems you can run into, but fairly unusual that otherwise non-lactose intolerant people would be made sick by mother's milk... but you know, it's what my mom told me, so it wasn't questioned. However, I asked my step-dad (my sister's dad) about it, and he told me it was true that we were sick when she tried to breastfeed us. He also said, though, that it was due to her diet, not some flaw in us or her. She lived on Oreos (tm) and Dr Pepper (tm). Seriously. So, yeah, I'm not worried about my breastmilk anymore.

Oh yeah, one other thing - so I'm like 15 or so weeks pregnant now, but it seems like the morning (ha! anytime of day) sickness, which did seem to be going away, has come right back and is possibly even worse... and I've got this almost chronic metalic taste in my mouth. Nasty. All for a good cause of course.

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