Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what to eat, what to wear, it's all quite a pickle, and OH Gifts!

My cravings are extra goofy right now. All I seem to want to eat is dairy products and fruit. There are certainly worse things to be eating, oh yes, but every salad or meat dish I look at, or think about, makes me feel a bit queasy.

Not to say that I'm only eating dairy and fruit - I'm still eating lots of vegetables and I try to choke down some chicken, figuring it's good for me - but I'm not enjoying it by any stretch of the imagination.

Actually I had a lovely Greek salad that I didn't hate for lunch today - I think the huge pile of vinegar made it more palatable. Note to Canadians: in the US, a Greek salad is a pile of lettuce with some cucumber, tomato, onions, cheese, olives, etc. But a large part is lettuce. Weird eh? Note to Americans: in Canada, we don't usually put lettuce in Greek salad. You should try it... I think it's more fun that way.

I wore jeans to work today. It's a Wednesday. That's kind of unheard of, other than when I'm sick. I have so few trousers that are work appropriate that fit right now, it's crazy. A lot of my cotton collar shirts that are so easy to wash and wear have been outgrown, in the *ahem* bust. Crikey. Pulling at the buttons, the gals are.

I got home from work and class last night and noticed in the mirror as I was changing my clothes that my belly really is protruding now. How cool is that! It made me feel a bit more pregnant and not just pudgy.

And speaking of pants that don't fit, about five or ten times each day, I realize I need to visit the ladies' room, and as I'm walking over there, I realize that my waistband of my pants are too tight. Once I finish in the loo, they're no longer too tight. What is up with that? I guess it's just that I'm skirting the boundaries of these pants are almost/really too small for you... It's fine, after the visit to the loo - until next time!

I need to give a shout out to Degan for sending us the first congratulations, you're having a baby card. Thank you, it's lovely! Also to my cousin Wendy for sending Gallop!, the baby's first book. I've already spent a good bit of time enjoying it - I'm sure the little one will too.

Finally: we're looking for a place to go on vacation in May when I'm finished school where we can relax, maybe sit on the beach, get decent medical care if (ojala Dios no quiere) I need it. I've been thinking Puerto Rico but don't know anything about the island: what's great, what's iffy, etc. Recommendations about PR and other spots that come to mind welcome. Just to mess with you, I'm also thinking north, like Montreal or something... So, essentially I'm open to suggestions at this point...

And, Staci: awww!

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Ryan said...

Why not Maine? It's beautiful, they have nice, clean beaches, and May is really before the season starts so you're sure to get a lot of quiet time.

In any case, I hope to see you tonight! I am trying to fit in some schoolwork now before my exam this afternoon, so I'll be needing the happy hour later!