Monday, February 16, 2009

OK people, I'm 35

I can't count how many people to whom I've told that I'm pregnant, and sometime before or after they start congratulating me, they stop to check that I'm happy about it.

I'm 35 years old. I'm fairly familiar with how birth control works, at least as much as the user needs to know. And if I did get pregnant by accident, I more or less would know what to do about it, and ferchristsakes, I wouldn't be announcing it (a) on facebook nor (b) at work. Seriously.

On the other hand, I thought this was cute: the young woman (early 20s I would guess) who was doing some of my initial getting checked in at the birth center seemed surprised at something I said that indicated we had been trying to get pregnant. I noticed she asked in a really vague way about the date of my last period (do you remember around when the first day of your last period may have been?), and seemed surprised when I gave her a very precise date. I said I wrote it on the calendar, as I was keeping track and we had been trying for several months. She said trying? Like, trying to get pregnant?

I guess she doesn't hear that a lot. But, yes, definitely, this is a planned baby.

Speaking of things you do on purpose, The Shirt arrived today. It is absurdly cute. Can't wait to wear it!


Radiant said...

At first I thought you meant you were 35 people, which seemed like a lot even with the eating-for-two factor.

The person at the birth centre was confused? Now I'm confused.


BB said...

Right, that was a badly constructed subject. Should have read (and I've changed it to read) OK people, I'm 35.

The whole eating for 2 thing is funny - the second person only needs 300 calories per day though, so it's pretty easy to cover. I think that's the (whole wheat) bagel with (low fat) cream cheese that I usually eat as a second mid morning snack.

I'm trying to imagine announcing being pregnant but not being happy about it. I can't get there from here. I can imagine being not happy... but I wouldn't be sharing. Funny.

Shannon said...

That's really bizarre. I wonder why that was such a novel concept in a birth centre, and as you pointed out, for a 35 yr old woman. Huh.

Oh, and I have that mid-morning snack and I'm not building a second person.

BB said...

Yeah, it was funny. But the birth center is a place where women without insurance can go and get care, and I guess a lot of women don't want to have babies unless they have insurance, soo... they might not see too many planned babies, I guess...