Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photo update

Ok so here we go. As I try to type and eat carrot cake (yes, latest craving is carrot cake. I doubt it's the carrots that I'm seeking... and if this continues I'm going to need to learn how to make it myself. Any recipe suggestions?)

The shirt arrived. I love it!

From body changes

From body changes

From body changes

Aside from the excitement of new clothes, I must say that I'm digging the maternity pants. I'm not wearing any of the trousers I bought with the full belly panel - I still don't have enough belly to hold them up. So I'm largely wearing the ultra low rise elastic band pants. They're wonderful because: look Ma, no zippers/buttons/anything holding me back from doing what I need to do when I run to the loo every hour or so.

Last night, I convinced a not enthused DH to go out dancing with me. We'd not been out for over a month and I'd been listening to salsa music all afternoon, so I really felt the need to get my dancing shoes on. Not to mention a little worried about whether or not I'd outgrown the bloody expensive things! We had a nap (my second one for the day!) to get ready. It was almost impossible to get him out the door after that - he was a very sleepy boy and made me promise we'd take a cab home while we were walking to the club (he forgot so we didn't).

We danced quite a bit, though we can't dance merengue or reggaeton like we normally do, hip to hip, as the growing belly is getting in the way now. But we had a good time, goofing around, him pretending to dance just with my belly, and both of us enjoying being out of the house together for the first time in awhile (other than journeys to the immigration office, which don't really count).

The lovely dance shoes were really beginning to hurt my feet just as he got his second wind and was wanting to dance to every song. Sigh. So I put my regular shoes back on, we danced a bit more, finished our drinks, said goodnight and walked home.

Oh, and last night was the first time someone touched my belly unasked/uninvited without being my husband or a midwife or doctor. It didn't bother me as I'd expected, as it was someone who I really like and trust. But it was a bit weird nonetheless. The belly touching thing is something I'm dreading. I think it'll mostly bug me when it's someone I don't really like or a stranger... We'll see!

More images to come - we're doing another ultrasound this Friday and might get to find out the sex of the baby.

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Radiant said...

I am doing much baking, though mostly to save money. Not carrot cake so far. I tried making arrowroot cookies but they were not such a success.