Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sonograms the second ... and news..

So I went for the second sonogram on Friday and it was great. It actually wasn't as neat as the first one - it seemed like the technician couldn't get a low enough resolution to see the whole baby at the same time... she kept saying oh look here's the left ventrical of the heart, and here's the bladder.

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Click through to see this and a bunch of others, including some cute feet shots.

Apparently my daughter (yes we think it's a girl, or at least the tech and the doctor do) has a bladder and left ventrical within the normal parameters for a babe her age.

But between not being able to see the whole baby bouncing around doing her kickypants thing, and then she just looks kinda funny, it wasn't as amazing for some reason, as the first one was. The technician also did some other kind of scan which I've not posted which I guess the point of which was to show us what her face looks like. But apparently she's upside down and the placenta is right in front of her face. So the placenta in this particular colour scan makes her face look weirdly bumpy, and it's just a weird looking image anyway. I didn't immediately love the image, and kind of forgot about it. I took it home and showed it to DH, who was slightly horrified and asked if I was growing some kind of alien in there or something.

I realize I sound like one of those spoiled modern people whining about the miracle of air travel and mobile phones that was some late night talk show clipped to youtube and IM'd to me the other day. Unfortunately, I just watched the video without bookmarking it. The guy clearly didn't understand how mobile phones work (apparently he thinks your regular average mobile phone involves satellites or something else in space, but whatever). The sonogram technology is amazing and wonderful. I guess I was hoping for a look at the whole baby, but she's maybe too big now to get a good gander at all at once.

The baby kicking feels like a second heartbeat, like I've just done a quick sprint or run up a few flights of stairs. But my alien heart in my abdomen. She's wonderful.

UPDATE: the whining about the miracle of air travel is this video: Everything's amazing, nobody's happy.

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