Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Neti Pots

Thank you for your thoughts on cleaning out the sinuses - definitely a good thing (tm).

I ended up buying one of the *ahem* new neti pots on amazon and took delivery of it just before a long weekend trip to visit my grandmother.

DH and I got home last night with time to unpack, get dinner, move the car to a place we won't be ticketed... and try out the neti pot. It's grand.

And as (I believe) Faye had mentioned, it has a rather impressive diameter on the spout. I tried it out on my schnoz, and it was perfect - a little weird at first, there was a sensation of water in my nose that causes panic at the pool, but once I told me brain "hey brain, you're breathing through the mouth, it's all fine", my brain said oh, ok and calmed down. Oh yeah, I have huge nostrils apparently.

I washed it thoroughly and then called DH into the loo for him to try. His response was something along the lines of "do you think I've never used one of these before?" as I'm explaining the historical significance and traditional uses, etc, and he gave his sinuses a good cleaning out too.

I think he snored less last night. Not sure, but I think so... I sure feel like I had to blow my nose less today.

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