Thursday, January 15, 2009

Funny pregnant lady story #1

So when making the cunning plan to get pregnant, I started reviewing the fairly long list of prescription drugs I was taking. It's a long list, you know, for a healthy youngish person, at any rate. I was taking a lot of prescriptions.

Obviously, the Pill was the first to go. But then, there were several other drugs that were known to cause birth defects, and I stopped taking those early on. Then I went to the pharmacy and asked them to look at the things I have prescribed to me, and tell me what they recommended I stop taking. Basically, the pharmacist said "everything except those eye drops you take for seasonal allergies!" Wow. I hardly ever use those, too.

So I stopped taking all of these things. I guess the pharmacist didn't make a note of our conversation, because I guess about three or four months later, I got a phone call from the pharmacy. Nice young man asks if I've had a problem with the pharmacy, or a complaint, or if I've moved. What I heard of course is we're checking to see if you're still alive and maybe can woo you back with some excellent coupons.

(I explained why I'd not refilled any prescriptions in ages, he wished me luck and we bid each other adieu.)

I'd never gotten one of those are you still alive calls, from credit card companies, banks or pharmacies. Kind of nice that they care.

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