Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Little Catching Up To Do

So the fall semester of classes was very busy and I wound up not posting anything further until now. It was a good fall. I bought a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting and read the first few chapters, when I felt I could get away without studying.

I could have read the whole book but made myself stop. Superstition strikes again.

We kept trying to get pregnant, and each month, I was disappointed. Then I kind of forgot to be obsessed with the topic and got on with my life.

My husband was leaving to visit his family at the end of November when it occurred to me that it had been awhile since the olde monthly visitor. Took the home test and got the word that I am indeed knocked up! A blood test with the doctor confirmed it a few days later.

I did my final exams and went for drinks with my classmates after the last exam - told them I'd been on a round of antibiotics and couldn't drink as a result.

I accidentally leaked the news to all of my husband's friends by sending a text with the news to a phone he'd borrowed while traveling - I thought he'd delete the message but he didn't, and returned the phone. The friend who loaned him the phone put it together and told all of their friends the news!

I had my first prenatal exam right before Christmas and waited until Christmas Day to tell my family the soon to be big news. The funniest response was my dad...

Me calling on Christmas morning: So are you ready to be a grandfather?

Him apparently not having considered this question before: Noooo.

Me: Well, you might want to get used to it...

Him passing the phone to his partner: She's pregnant.

He got a cup of coffee and collected his thoughts. When he got back on the phone, he was much more enthused and awake.

Much more to tell, a bit later...

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! STaci's colleague here. I'm due July 25! Whoo hoo! RE the what to expect when you're expecting. STOP READING NOW! Seriously, stop reading unless you want to be convinced of the many ways your baby could be in peril, ways you are yourself imperiling it, and of course, how fat you're going to get. Seriously, they spend sooo much time talking about their "diet," and it's dangerous. And the book is preachy. And fussy! Shall I go on ranting? I'm preggo too, as noted, haven't pooped a "real one" in the better part of a fortnight, am cranky, and projectile vomited on my CAT this morning. I've got a blog started myself. It's not published yet. I'll link to yours when I'm "live." Nice to meet you and happy and healthy pregnancy to you!