Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank you!

Well, the universe has come through for me again. I asked for midwife or birthing center recommendations, and a good friend of mine has come out of the woodwork to tell me she's almost finished becoming a certified doula. She even offered to provide services for free - I responded that we should at least do a trade - don't tell the IRS. Thank you universe.

Thank you for the reading suggestions and thoughts about WTEWYE. It's funny - I've probably read more than half of it now and keep finding it's very... calm. For example, they go to great lengths to tell you it's normal to be constipated, it's normal not to be, it's normal to be not interested in sex, it's normal to want nothing else... I have to admit, I skipped the chapters at the end about what can go wrong. I read a few paragraphs of them here and there and said oh forget this, this is making me anxious. So I've shaped the book into what I need right now I suppose.

Thank you all for your outpouring of congratulations, love, support and laughter (I know, really, those of you who knew me 15 years ago have every right to be shocked). We're delighted with the happy news and glad to finally feel ready to share it.

Of course I wanted to tell the world the day the first home test was positive, but, again, apparently I'm superstitious and wanted to wait awhile. Telling more folks at work in a couple days...

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