Thursday, January 22, 2009

the confirmation

So, as I suspected, I'm looking for a new healthcare practitioner and place to deliver the baby. (Spoiler alert - I think I've already found one but I'll get there...)

Monday was the day of my second prenatal checkup. I had my BP taken by a nurse practitioner, and that's still normal thankfully. I'd been having headaches and I was worried it wasn't just coffee withdrawl. Then the obstretician came in.

At this practice, they have a pile of doctors and they encourage the pregnant ladies to try to have at least one checkup with each of them, so we get to meet them all... in case one of them is on call when we go into labour.

So this new guy comes in and introduces himself. We chat for a few minutes, and he lets me know that my recent tests and sonograms all look good and normal. He asked how I'm feeling and I said other than this nasty cold, I'm feeling normal and good. He said so no nausea, no fatigue? I said normal, sorry to confuse you by saying good! I explained that I figured that nausea and fatigue is normal so why complain about it.

Then he said something that gave me a transition to confirm my understanding that all patients at this practice deliver babies at Hospital A. He said yes, except premature babies go to Hospital B. I asked what Hospital A is like, if it's a fairly normal western hospital set up with separate labour, delivery and recovery rooms, or if it has a birthing center. He confirmed the former.

I asked if women in labour at Hospital A are allowed to eat or drink during labour, as I'm told this is important in maintaining your strength. He said it's up to the attending doctor, but that he doesn't allow women to eat and only drink a little liquids in case she has to have a c-section.

I said speaking of ceseareans, could he say what his rate of c-section babies is, or what the rate is for the practice or Hospital A. He said his own rate was 37%, like that was no big deal, and that he wasn't sure but he thought that both the practice and Hospital A had similar rates.

At that point I just wanted to get out of there! I started nodding and smiling and thanking him for his help and getting ready to leave. He reminded me that he was supposed to check the baby's heartrate with the fetoscope - very cool! So I let him do that but got the heck out of there after that.

I asked at the front desk about the practice mentioning having nurse midwives on staff on their website, and I was told, yes, that's the nice practitioner you saw last time (I've seen her a few times and she even remembered me when I reminded her of my maiden name, she's lovely). I said can I have her deliver my baby? But apparently this nurse midwife doesn't deliver babies. Surreal. I thought that was the what midwives do? I guess not...

So I went home, continued having a nasty cold. Watched this minor local event on CNN all day Tuesday and then was still feeling nasty and sick on Wednesday so I stayed home. Wednesday, I started Googling and found a few birthing centers. I called the closest one and quizzed them on their policies and practices, and really liked what I heard. I've made an appointment to see them for my next checkup - it will include an orientation and tour of the birthing center. I can bring DH and my doula if I want too!

So I'm a happy camper. We have this amazing, inspiring family in the White House, and I am on a path towards having the birth I really want to make happen.

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red storm said...

Hi -- Faye here again (Staci's colleague). You now have a blog fan. :) I feel very similarly to you on so many fronts, straight down to the early aversion to having kids and now the complete overobsession with the details (and I feel completely comfortable saying that b/c I feel like I could be writing your posts and vice versa). I'm going to give my contact info to Staci to pass along to you. I'm 35 and clumsy about friend overtures -- ha ha ha! BTW, another plug for dcurbanmom (which I both love and love to hate) -- tons of advice and feedback on the various birthing centers around here. Happy pregnancy to you...