Saturday, January 10, 2009

A little to do list...

So, future posts:

- Going to scan and post the blurry surreal ultrasound. The ultrasound printout isn't that interesting. I wish I had remembered to ask if I could get them to save some of the video. It was unspeakably remarkable to see this little guy (or whatever) moving his arms and legs around. I hadn't realized at 11 weeks, he'd be moving around so much.

- At Frac's suggestion, going to do some photos of the changing body thing. There's so far a little of that, not too much, but definitely more to come...

- Should write up something about how the first trimester has been so far. Briefly: nauseated, constipated and tired. All within normal parameters. Saltine crackers are my friend. And crepes. Oh how I love the crepes.

- Lists of cravings and aversions would be fun. Actually I'll do that now:

All alcohol but red wine (not drinking any but want to)
Red meat
Fish (not shellfish, just fish) (I'm taking EFA supplements to make sure I'm getting the important omegas)
Things with the potential to be slimy or smelly like boiled eggs

Simple carbs (doughnuts, crackers, cookies, bagels)
Dairy (cheese and milk and yogurt - strangely, considering what an ice cream freak I am, I'm not dying for ice cream these days)
Fruit and veg, especially the Cosi Signature Salad which was always my fav but even more so now.
Gyros (you know, lamb and tzatziki in a pita, maybe with some tomato) (I guess lamb is really red meat... well, whatever... this wasn't promised to be rational)

Oddly, I haven't had a lot of urge to eat chocolate lately. Normally I have difficulty limiting my chocolate intake, but that hasn't been the case lately. When I was starting to feel nauseated, I bought a container of candied ginger covered in dark chocolate, thinking this would be a nice treat and help calm the stomach. It's still more than half full and I haven't hidden it away or anything.

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