Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pregnancy movies

What we've watched so far:

Juno is a movie both my husband and I'd wanted to see for awhile... It arrived at the top of the Netflix list and we sat and watched it Christmas Day. What a fun film. I'm sorry she chose the closed adoption option, but there you go. We're still laughing about how everything assumed it wasn't the guy's fault, that he didn't have it in him to initiate having sex. Which is actually kind of sexist when I read that line, but it didn't come across that way in the movie. And I love Allison Janney - I didn't even realize she was in the movie until we started watching it.

The Business of Being Born was recommended to me by my chiropractor. I was skeptical about the talk show host Ricki Lake being someone with a message in which I was going to be interested, but I was completely wrong. Let's back up.

I always figured if I did have a baby, I'd want to be medicated as much as possible and a cesarean section actually sounded preferrable than the torture of pushing a human out of my bits. Well. The more I learned about c-sections and the recovery time, I realized that didn't sound fun at all. So, still, epidurals sound like a great idea.

But I thought - there are people against epidurals. I should probably find out why. So I did a bit of reading. Hearing that epidurals mean you can't independently change position or move around during labour didn't sound like a good idea. Hearing that they may actually slow things down and increase the likelihood of a c-section made me think that maybe drugs aren't such a great idea.

I wasn't sure where to go next with how I want the birth to happen, but I remembered my chiropractor recommending TBOBB movie and that it was an examination of hospital versus home and natural births.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it was a life changing movie. Well, first it showed a number of natural home births attended by these wonderful, calm, competent midwives. Each time a baby popped out, I cried.

Ok, so news to me: lying on your back with your feet up is about the hardest position from which to push out a baby. There are other things you can do to manage your pain, like sitting in a warm bath, moving around, massage, rather than taking drugs.

Anyway, great movie. I'm glad I got over my cynicism about the talk show host thing. I have a new respect for Ricki Lake and I really appreciate the work she did to make this movie.

Any other pregnancy movies I should or shouldn't see? I don't have a queue of them persay but I'm open to suggestions!


Ryan said...

It's not a pregnancy movie persay, but it's about what it means to be a family, and I really enjoyed it: Raising Helen. That's all I've got in the old noodle for you at the moment...

BB said...

Ooh, good one, thank you!